Our Team

Victor Bohm | Chief Executive Officer & Board Chairman

Victor is a veteran advocate with close to a decade of experience advocating for veterans, their families, survivors, and caregivers with lobbying, coalition and relationship-building with community members, partners, and elected leaders. He has an extensive background in effective communications, fundraising and has a strong dedication to public service, and comprehensive analytical and problem-solving skills that serve to accomplish team and organizational objectives.

Victor served in the US Air Force and used his GI Bill to gain B.A. in Political Science and an M.S. in Nonprofit Management from Columbia University.

Lynn Bornfriend, MD | Board Director

Lynn is a triple boarded psychiatrist who has spent almost 10 years working at a hospital for patients with advanced and late stage cancers, and is an expert in psycho-oncology. Her extensive work with cancer patients, as well as the concurrent loss of her mother and her best friend, both to cancer led her to find alternative healing therapies such as cannabis as effective medical treatment options to “too many to count” prescription drugs.

She is now considered a thought leader in the medical cannabis space and certifies medical marijuana patients and provides education in PA, IL, HI and CA. Lynn has spent a lot of time working with veterans, serving as a medical consultant to Unprescribed Inc., joining in the first ever presentation about medical cannabis in a VA hospital on a military base—Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, and offering “Ask the Doctor” presentations at different BVN events. 

Recently Lynn has worked in an Integrative Medicine practice, exploring non-pharmaceutical interventions for both psychological and physical illnesses such as acupuncture, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, neurofeedback, and herbal medicines. She also became a prescriber and facilitator in Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy.

Lynn graduated with Honors from Brown University, achieving her B.A. in Biology and earned her Medical Degree from Penn State.

Ion Bratianu | Board Director

Ion Bratianu has had a dynamic career spanning diverse industries from cannabis accessories to wine and spirits, Ion is a seasoned entrepreneur, veteran advocate, and sales leader. From founding and co-owning successful ventures to driving sales strategies for prominent companies, Ion exemplifies a relentless drive for success and a commitment to giving back to the community, particularly to veterans’ causes.

With a dynamic career spanning diverse industries, Ion is a seasoned entrepreneur, veteran advocate, and sales leader. As the co-founder of Green Alpacka, Ion leads a veteran-owned cannabis accessory brand dedicated to supporting mental health initiatives for veterans. Additionally, Ion co-owns Fish Window Cleaning #3017 and #2353 and co-founded Moon River Pool Care, demonstrating a knack for identifying market opportunities and delivering exceptional service.

Prior to entrepreneurship, Ion held pivotal roles in sales leadership, including as VP of Sales at Leaf Trade and Sales Director at Green Thumb Industries (GTI), where he played instrumental roles in driving revenue growth and market expansion in the cannabis industry. He also honed his sales management skills at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, exceeding growth goals and implementing innovative strategies. Ion is a proud veteran and began his career in the United States Air Force as a Cryptologic Linguist, providing critical target collections and developing new exploitation methods in support of vital threat warning missions.

Sheri Tarr, JD | Board Director

Sheri Tarr, JD is the Founder and Chief Advisor of 68’ Partners LLC, a global consulting firm dedicated to helping CBD, hemp, and cannabis brands, license applicants and licensees build sustainable businesses that have a transformative impact on consumers, patients, and the global economy. A former big pharma sales and marketing executive responsible for launching FDA regulated products worldwide, Sheri has over three decades of real world experience operating in highly regulated environments. After working for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, Sheri flipped the script and became an attorney who spent a distinguished career in the courtroom holding these same companies accountable for deceptive marketing, defective manufacturing, and other regulatory violations. She has witnessed firsthand the good, the bad, and the totally avoidable.

More inspired by helping companies avoid regulatory pitfalls and find successful commercial pathways, Sheri founded 68’ Partners LLC which specializes in business advisory, regulatory strategy, best compliance practices, license application consulting, and strategic partnering. 68’ Partners serve clients across the cannabis spectrum from CBD, hemp, and THC brands to legacy operators, retailers, processors, cultivators, and other industry stakeholders. Sheri’s guidance and insights have also been sought by law firms, financial advisory firms, legislators and regulators, investors, and an array of service providers.

A University of Michigan alum and Chicago Kent College of Law graduate, Sheri is a respected industry thought leader, speaker, and emcee. A long-time voting rights advocate and published photographer, Sheri also serves as a Board Advisor to cannabis companies, and is a Director and New York delegate for the Cannabis Advisory Group.

CJ Cowgill | Op1620 Community Manager

CJ Cowgill, a medically retired United States Army veteran, embarked on a transformative journey upon his separation from service in 2003. Struggling with the all-too-common challenges faced by veterans, he found himself trapped in a cycle of heavy alcohol use exacerbated by over-prescribed pharmaceuticals from the VA, leading him into a profound state of darkness. However, a pivotal recommendation to explore cannabis as an alternative to some of these medications ignited his path to balance and recovery.

In 2018, CJ discovered Operation 1620, a beacon of hope and community support, which became the catalyst for him to share his wealth of knowledge and personal experiences with cannabis. Since then, he has been unwavering in his dedication to empowering others on their journey to wellness. With a steadfast mission to equip the community with the tools and insights necessary for a healthier, more balanced life, CJ leads by example through his roles within Balanced Veterans Network.

At the forefront of the organization, he spearheads the Operation 1620 horticulture mentorship program, leveraging his expertise to cultivate growth and healing. In addition, CJ plays a pivotal role in digital content creation, hosting ‘Bowlside Chats’ which provides vital information and fosters connection within the community. Furthermore, his adept coordination of in-person events, to include ‘Seed to Harvest’ courses, seasonal gatherings, & Breakfast Buds creates invaluable opportunities for veterans to come together, learn, and support one another on their collective path to wellness.

With an unwavering commitment to service and a passion for holistic healing, CJ Cowgill stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, dedicated to paving the way for a brighter, more balanced future for veterans and their communities alike.

Eric Jansen | Merchandise Coordinator & BVN Ambassador

Meet Eric Jansen, our dedicated Merchandise Coordinator and a true cornerstone of Operation 1620. Hailing from the heart of Green Bay, Eric’s journey embodies resilience and passion. Following his service as a Marine from 2008 to 2013, including deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF 10-1 and OEF 11-2) with the esteemed 3/7 Marines, Eric embarked on diverse ventures, including owning a sushi restaurant.

In 2017, Eric’s path took an unexpected turn when he discovered the profound potential of cannabis, igniting a new chapter in his life. His connection with Operation 1620 began in 2019 through Breakfast Buds, a testament to his enduring commitment to community and camaraderie. As Balanced Veterans and Operation 1620 merged to form BVN in 2021, Eric seamlessly transitioned into his current role, infusing every task with his trademark care and dedication.

Beyond the logistics of merchandise coordination, Eric’s contributions extend far deeper; each package leaving BVN brims with his genuine warmth and intentionality. When asked for a succinct bio, Eric modestly remarked, “I’m pretty neat.” Indeed, Eric’s impact resonates far beyond mere words—his presence embodies the very essence of dedication and heart.

Tom Borcky | Director of Operations & Community Care Coordinator

Tom, a seasoned military veteran with 22 years of global service, journeyed from Kosovo to Panama with the Marines and across the United States with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. From his pivotal operations in Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, to scaling Mt. Fuji, Tom’s career was a thrilling ride. Transitioning to the CBIRF, he became a technical rescue specialist, trained by prestigious organizations like FEMA and FDNY. His expertise, honed over 1800 hours of rigorous training, ensured seamless responses to high-profile incidents like 9/11 and presidential inaugurations. In the Pennsylvania National Guard, Tom’s analytical skills were put to the test, collaborating with elite agencies and covering major events from NSSEs to sports championships.

Throughout his career, Tom pursued higher education, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and an MBA in Supply Chain Management. He has earned certifications as a Hazardous Materials Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, confined space operations and Incident Command Operations just to name a few. Tom retired from the CST as a First Sergeant. 

Now embarking on a new chapter of his life, Tom brings his wealth of experience and expertise to BVN since 2019, continuing to make a positive impact in his endeavors. Tom stays active by skiing, golfing and jamming on the guitar. 

Ron Millward | Co-Founder

Ron enlisted in the United States Air Force at 17. He served seven years as a combat vehicle operator and an aerospace flight medic. During that time, Ron moved over 20 times and deployed to Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. After struggling with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the loss of friends to suicide, he decided to separate in hopes of finding a new life direction by helping people. In 2019, he created “Balanced Veterans” with a board of other veterans. In 2020, Ron met Caleb and the two joined forces to created Balanced Veterans Network.

Caleb Masoner | Co-Founder

Caleb Masoner joined the Army at age 21 and served 8.5 years before being medically discharged. Caleb deployed to Afghanistan from 2009-2010 before returning home with debilitating back pain and symptoms of PTS. In 2017, Caleb reached out to another veteran to ask about natural medicines and was introduced to a Facebook group of veterans having the same discussion. Soon after realizing that other veterans could benefit from natural medicine, he founded Operation 1620 as a natural medicine 501c3 nonprofit. In 2020, Caleb met Ron and the two joined forces to created Balanced Veterans Network.