Partners in Wellness

Unity through Community

Millions of businesses and individual supporters are doing extraordinary things in communities across the United States and beyond. Below are some of the organizations, communities, and friends we stand beside.

When you join the Balanced Veterans Community, you gain access to The Resource Network. A comprehensive and current list of exclusive member discounts, veteran-friendly businesses, practical education resources, and vetted nonprofits serving various veteran needs.

Ready to partner with us?

If you are a dispensary, cultivator, company, or supporter and would like to contribute to our programs,  please contact us using this form. As a supporter, your logo will be promoted on our website, social media, and events.


Highlighting our Partners in Wellness

Below, you will find a short list of organizations and dispensaries that Balanced Veterans Network officially endorses; these organizations have generously supported our mission and continue to help us reach veterans, their families and other supporters. To view the full list of BVN-endorsed organizations, dispensaries, and partners in wellness, join the Community!

Our friends at Zick Productions, Jeff & Mandy, have been by our side since the beginning. Zick Productions is at the core of the success of our veteran lounges! Their dedication to honoring veterans and educating the community about the benefits plants offer those seeking healing is unparalleled. Because of their generosity, BVN is provided with lodging, space, and support at every Zick event to ensure we can offer a safe space for veterans in the sometimes chaotic environments of festivals.

Free and confidential support for Warriors and their loved ones in their most difficult times.

Project Rebirth’s mission is to provide aid to Military Veterans, Emergency Responders and their supporters, in order to facilitate growth, resiliency and independence.

The provide a holistic, inclusive approach to recovery, supporting all pathways to achieve a warrior’s goals.

This veteran-owned small business is a partnership that’s been special from the start. Owners Ion and Matt set out to start a cannabis accessory brand that was more than just “successful.” Green Alpacka provides 4.20% of all profits to support the Operation 1620 Initiative here at Balanced. We are humbled and honored to stand behind such an incredible company that’s operated by incredible veterans!

If you’ve ever won a BVN giveaway, chances are you’ve received some great Elevated Stash swag. Elevated Stash has provided hundreds, if not thousands (who’s counting? no seriously, who’s counting?) of accessories to BVN to ensure our members can experience quality consumer products. Veterans and activists Stephen & Alex offer incredibly creative and beautifully curated smoking accessory monthly subscription boxes. Keep your eyes peeled for more Elevated X BVN collabs in the future – they never disappoint!

Holly understands and embodies wellness. She owns and operates a luxury CBD and essential oil wellness store in Sewickley, PA, and offers a 10% discount to all veterans. Holly gives back to the community by providing high-quality CBD, Delta 8 and Delta 10, essential oil products, education, and support. Holly offers a portion of her profits to charity each year, and we are humbled to be included in her giving campaigns.

The Northeast and Midwest markets of Curaleaf, once Grassroots, are incredible allies to Operation 1620.