Mental Wellness

Our knowledgeable team, unfortunately, knows trauma firsthand, but we also know that mental freedom is possible when the proper support and resources are utilized. Our goal is to help veterans live a balanced life and thrive by providing education and tools to help them on their wellness journey. 

o   Prioritizing mental health is vital to living a balanced life. We are here to break the stigma around mental health by educating and empowering veterans to try different modalities that challenge and strengthen the mind. We encourage you to drop in digitally and say hello to begin building your peer support network. 

o   We facilitate space for small groups for specific topics, such as couples, PTSD, transition assistance, and many more. Equip yourself with tools to start moving towards mental freedom. 

o   Sometimes, all it takes is a simple reminder that you aren’t alone, you aren’t the only one, and somebody out there understands and doesn’t judge you. Our online community is full of like-minded veterans on their healing journey who are always ready to lend an ear and some support. You never have to fight alone; we are with you.

Join a live wellness class, or browse our library of exclusive mental wellness courses to help you decide which tools work best. Have a question? GREAT! Because we have veteran members who are also mental health professionals ready and willing to offer guidance!

Each February, the BVN starts the year off right with a Holistic Wellness Challenge aimed to bring us together and kick-start our self-care routines in the new year. Every day of the challenge introduces veterans to a different method of healing, coping, or healthy living – opening the door of possibility to a new world that they may not have otherwise felt equipped to explore.

“Mindfulness has been shown to have a positive effect on numerous psychiatric, psychosomatic, and stress-related symptoms, including depression and chronic pain.”

Bessel Van Der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma