Movement is vital to a well-balanced life. Our issues lie in our tissues; we store emotions, experiences, and traumas in the body. Unless we cultivate practices that can move this energy trapped in the body, it remains stagnant within us and can cause disease of the mind, body, and spirit. While that may sound like a lot it is crucial to find ways to incorporate things that bring you joy and benefit your overall physical health. Movement can be as involved as yoga, strength training, fitness classes, or as simple as walking a dog, taking a hike, swimming, or even doing 44 push-ups a day for suicide awareness. Whatever your motivator is, movement is a fundamental part of living a balanced life. 

Movement is a fundamental aspect of life. Movement is more than just ‘exercise’ and does not necessarily require effort, but it always requires action.”

Bessel Van Der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score

Balanced Veterans Network sees the importance of movement as a form of self-care. We are dedicated to providing wellness classes where you can gain an introductory level of understanding and try a new practice you might enjoy.  The objective is to make small changes in your life to incorporate more movement. We host classes with professionals in a variety of areas including yoga, breath work, meditation, sound therapy, fitness, financial wellness, nutrition, and others. 

These classes are always available for replay on our network among a plethora of other resources.

Movement is medicine, whether it is fidgeting in your chair, running in the woods, rolling out a yoga mat, stretching, or walking your dog. Not only does it positively impact your physical health by strengthening your cardiovascular, immune, and lymphatic systems, it decreases obesity and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, combats depression, and movement can even slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease and early death, according to Psychology Today.

Movement and exercise also support brain health and emotional resilience. “The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports research evidence that regular exercise can work as well as medication for some people who suffer from anxiety and depression.” (Note: Do not discontinue the use of your prescribed medications without first consulting with your doctor.) Just a few minutes of movement a day can improve your sleep, promote overall relaxation, bring clarity to your mind and give you more energy throughout your day. 

When you set and accomplish small goals every day on your movement journey, you may start to notice other aspects of your life improving. This is because our bodies are temples. When we prioritize our health, with movement in particular, we tap into our body’s natural ability to heal itself, to rebalance our systems to work in the most optimal ways. 

We are so thrilled you are joining us in this Movement movement! Let our community be a place for you to share your goals, triumphs, roadblocks, and stories. Let our community be a place where you try something new. Let our community support you in your movement journey.

Join us for weekly movement classes and share your story with us BVN.