April 20 - 21, 2024

Renninger's Farmers Market - Kutztown, PA

2024 Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival

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Our award winning lounge provides a safe retreat at hectic, busy, and oftentimes overwhelming events. Many veterans avoid festivals, fairs, and large community events. The BVN Wellness Lounge provides veterans and their families with nutritious refreshments, introductory wellness classes, and comfortable seclusion to reset, rest, relax, and find support at events they may not normally feel comfortable attending..

The Balanced Veterans Network is proud to support veterans at the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival in 2024. Thanks to the support of Zick Productions, BVN will be on site to provide veterans with a safe space to retreat, enjoy fellowship with other veterans, and return to festival activities feeling refreshed, renewed, and supported throughout the weekend.

April 20 & 21st, Balanced Veterans Network will be leading the Veterans Lounge at the 10th Annual Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival with a full wellness schedule not to miss! ⁠

Come out for the Veterans Lounge, and while onsite enjoy hundreds of vendors, including dozens of unique food companies, live music, the Cannabis Awards, and a late night drive-in movie!